Julian Tamarath

A tall wiry human male with short cropped blond hair.


Male Human Lawful Good

Level 1 Ranger \ Level 6 Scout


In-Depth Physical Description

Julian Tamarath, or Tamarath as he prefers to be called, is a tall athletic human
male in his early twenties with blue eyes and short blonde hair.

He wears a shiny mithril chain shirt that does not impede his movement at all and
carries a well-made and well-used cold iron greatsword on his back.


Tamarath was originally raised by his father, a famous (or infamous) swordsman
duelist in the city of Melvaunt. Tamarath’s father was a highly placed employee
in the employ of House Nanther. After an “incident”, Tamarath’s father resigned his
position with the Nanther’s and retired to a monastery to the goddess Red Knight run
by an old adventuring companion of his. Tamarath’s father also vowed to never teach
anyone his particular style of combat.

While a disciplined young boy, Tamarath still felt confined at the monastery, and
took every opportunity to explore the terrain outside of it. Tamarath’s father did
teach Tamarath his particular style of mobile combat (apparently his vow did not
apply to family members). Tamarath’s father also taught Tamarath something of his
grandfather’s skillset, which was hunting demons. Tamarath’s father died about the
time Tamarath was nearing adulthood. Tamarath inherited the family greatsword,
which is also called Tamarath.

The monks, realizing that the young man needed to find his own way in the world,
presented him with a few magical items that they had no need for and told Tamarath
that he would always have a place at the monastery if he choose to return to it.
Young Tamarath set out to see the world as a mercenary adventurer.

He eventually found himself back in the Moonsea region and returned to his birth
place of Melvaunt. Feeling the weight of his father’s tarnished honor he presented
himself to Lord Nanther and asked to be allowed to regain his family’s honor through
employment by House Nanther. Lord Nanther agreed and very soon after had a mission
of stealth and reconnaisance well suited for young Tamarath…

Modus Operandi

Tamarath is a very mobile combatant and is as comfortable fighting on the rocking
deck of a ship or a steep rocky mountainside as most warriors are on level ground.

He is a “guerilla” fighter in that he will make one well placed strike and attempt
to evade his enemy’s notice (if possible) or at least their easy reach (if not).

As a scout Tamarath is skilled in both detection and keeping himself undetected;
however, as a human without darkvision in a world of creatures with it, he is
somewhat limited in this role.

Finally, his training at the monastery means he is a reasonably capable combatant
if he were to find himself without (or unable to use) his famous greatsword,
especially if his mobility remains unrestricted.

Julian Tamarath

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