Moonsea Campaign

The Story So Far
In and around the Moonsea...

A group of adventurers are brought together by fate in a quest to find the missing noble scions of Melvaunt in the Moonsea area of Faerun. Hired by Lord Woarsten Nanther, they travel deep into the Thar where they eventually uncover an orc citadel where a ritual is being carried out – and the scions are the sacrifice! The orcs clans are gathering together under a new potential leader, an orog named Thrull. In their efforts to free the scions, the party is wiped out, save for one member who, through the wills of a zone of wild magic, ends up in the bowels of the citadel and manages to free the scions. After many battles, the scions escape the citadel and return to their families in Melvaunt. The adventurers bodies are retrieved and, in thanks to their effort, are brought back from the dead.

The party returns to the Thar to further explore a strange plateau they discovered in their original trek and seek out the legendary Tomb of Vorbyx and gather more information about the orc’s plans. After more exploration they soon find themselves under an ogre stronghold, piecing together the legendary Hammer of Vorbyx. Unfortunately, due to their circumstances they are unable to leave with the hammer and their only exit is a magical portal to an unknown destination.

Walking through the portal, they soon discover they are on the opposite side of the Moonsea. They travel to Hilsfar where they learn just a little too soon how much the city despises non-humans. Their half-ogre barbarian is whisked away by the guards and forced to fight in the city’s arena. Fortunately the arcane master amongst the group is able to find favor with the local Thayan enclave and manage to free their friend. But not without having to pay back the favor. The party heads out and down under the Moonsea, to a location known as the Bell in the Depths where they must retrieve the belongings of a deceased Thayan wizard. After a tense battle with the ruthless “sea drow” of the area they return to the benefactor in Hilsfar with the retrieved items. They make haste and leave the city as soon as possible, looking to avoid any further conflict with the non-human hating city.

They return to Melvaunt and to Lord Nanther to report their findings.


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