Old Campaign Log

This is a log of sessions imported from a private Wiki we used to use. These entries will hopefully be moved to the Adventure Log over time.



  • Made way into Melvaunt by ship
  • etc…



  • Traveling along the Phlan Path from Phlan to Melvaunt
  • Came accross an overturned wagon.
  • Offered to help the 1/2 dozen men right their wagon and get it back on the path.
  • Chabarkaba notices a man and women lying on the ground hurt, bleeding.
  • Chabarkaba asks whats wrong, but the men dissemble, and Chabarkaba thinks they are lying, that they stopped the wagon and hurt the people, so Chabarkaba kills them and chops off thier toes to eat as a snack on the road.
  • He finds a broken Jade idol inlaid with silver and a silver medalion on the dead couple. Chabarkaba burried the two people and is now wearing the medialion.
  • Chabarkaba arrives at Melvaunt and is admitted with the help of the medallion. This is the first city that has ever admitted the gruesome half-ogre and Chabarkaba is eager and nervous to prove he is Half-Human.
  • Chabarkaba finds a tavern and then a street fair. He is almost confounded by a Ring-the-Bell fair game but he becomes engraged and manages to smash the game and ring the bell.
  • After this Chabarkaba is surrounded by city gurads and overcome with magic. He is arrested and charged with the murder of the couple he found at the wagon. He is put in a cell with Damodred and Corimla.


  • Has been in Melvaunt for a while now.
  • etc…


  • Works for Lord Nanther


  • Was working in a Tavern when party discovered him singing about ???


  • Corimla and Damodred are placed in the small cell, along with a large, smelly, noisy and unconscious humanoid (Chubarkaba)
  • Corimla and Damodred devise an escape plan.
  • During the execution of above plan, Lord Nanther and his guards enter the cell area. He is seeking out Corimla under the impression that she is her identicle sister Loremva. Nanther’s son has been hanging around with Loremva and they have recently gone missing.
  • Nanther offers them asylum and takes them back to his mansion to give them more information about this son and the other missing scions of Melvaunt.


  • Chubarkaba is proven innocent and saved by Lorn Nanther and an assisting cleric (with a helpful Zone of Truth spell)
  • Corimla, Damodred and Chubarkaba gathered information throughout town, including the local taverns and from the Lord of Keys.
  • Party discovered that Oreal and the other nobles have been adventuring out in the Thar the last several months and were last heard looking for treasure in an old Orc ruin a couple days out from the city.
  • Party decides to head out into Thar, to seek out the old ruins.
  • During their first night sleeping on the road, the party was discovered by an old friend of Chubarkaba’s, Rerunt, a reformed Gray Orc from the wastes of Thar.
  • Party encountered and killed 3 orcs from Rerunt’s old clan.
  • Party came upon an ambush site where they discovered several dead orcs and a dead dwarf presumed to be Dorn. They also found a living Owlbear which attacked the party viciously.
  • Rerunt finds tracks leaving ruins that seem to indicate a group of humans was taken prisoner by a group of orcs – the party follows the trail, beleiving them to be the missing scions they are searching for.


  • Party continues to track and follow trail.
  • Party notices smoke coming from over a hill.
  • Damodred investigates and discovers an Orc scouting camp. There are several orcs and some kind of creature in a cage. 2 orcs are patrolling along the hill.
  • Party sets up an ambush for the patrolling orcs.
  • Orcs at camp become aware of ambush and attack as well.
  • Chubarkaba is gored several times by a Dire Boar and ends up dropping sword.
  • Chubarkaba’s sword is stolen by an orc.
  • Chubarkaba goes down under the boar’s rlentless onlsaught!
  • Boar charges Damodred – and Damodred goes down!
  • Corimla attempts an acrobatic pounce attack on the boar as it charges past into Damodred, but missses. Rerunt charges the boar from behind and implants his broadsword in the boar’s rear, ending its life.
  • Chubarkaba is revived and asks for his sword.
  • When he is told that his sword was taken Chubarkaba snaps his spear in half and rages accross the battlfield, stomping on dead orc heads and crushing them like melons in an attempt to assuage his anger. He is finally calmed by Cormila right before he stomps on the orc who she knocked unconscious. *Party takes this unconcious orc back to its camp for questioning.
  • Party camps in the Orc scout camp.
  • Damodred hears lots of howling moving close to the camp while on watch.
  • Party is attacked by werewolves in the night. They kill one but keep the other alive.
  • Bachus is one of the werewolves. Party is going to use him to help track.
  • Party continues to track and follow trail the next day. A foggy day.
  • At night, the party is approach by a half-orc named Haravak and his wolf companion.
  • Haravak gives party information on Xul-Jarak and the converging orc tribes.
  • Party invites him to eat and he provides a bit more information.
  • Haravak passes on invitation to join party and heads back into the wild.


  • Party continues to follow trail.
  • Party notices a group of orc up ahead, walking in same direction
  • Party plans an ambush
    • Rerunt and Damodred pose as Orc and Prisoner, approach Orcs
    • Chubarkaba, Corimla and Bacchus circle around to come from behind
    • Rerunt successfully bluffs orcs
    • Corimla & Chabarkaba surprise them from behind
    • Bachus, left unsupervised, runs off and “escapes”
  • Rerunt notices a set of horse tracks joining the trail
  • Next day Rerunt notices a set of horse tracks leaving the trail, heading toward a plateua
  • Damodred creeps into cave in plateua to check it out. Notices dead horse and orc on groud.
  • Other party members follow in.
    • As they step into the room an electrical clicking sound comes from a depression in the northeast corner.
    • Some of the party notice holes in the ceiling.
  • Chubarkaba notices his sword on the ground and starts to run towards it.
  • A pair of shock lizards come out of the depression and start attacking
  • Eyeball Beholderkins drop out from the ceiling, shooting rays at various party members.
  • Chubarkaba grabs his sword.
  • Party retreats out the doorway, attacking the lizards and beholderkin as they leave.
  • Party is able to destroy all enemies but one beholderkin
  • Party decides to head back into cave to get belongings from horse and further explore the cave
  • Damodred leads, heading up to second floor.
  • Damodred heads up to third floor which smells and is covered in bat guano.
  • Party finds confusing map painting on wall.
  • Party is unable to figure out depression in center of Compass Rose on map (which shows every direction as North)
  • Map radiates illusion magic
  • Chabarkaba grabs Orc skeleton stuck waist deep in Guano.
  • Skeleton has treasure in bakcpack (coins and magic scroll) and a magical Greatsword
  • Corimla heads out onto cliff and discovers ladder leading up to the top of the plateau.
  • Damodred heads up top with Corimla and discovers strange pool on top of platuea.
    • Water is warm and soothing, even atop a cold plateua.
    • Water radiates divination magic.
    • Damodred attempts to shove Corimla into the pool to satisfay his own bizarre and twsited curiosity.
    • Corimla deftly twist out of the way and uses Damodred’s own momentum to tumble him into the pool instead!
  • Rerunt and Chubarkaba and are in floor below when they hear a very disturbing moan come from the ceiling.
  • Chubarka, in complete fear, leaps from the cliff to the ground below.
  • Rerunt heads up the ladder and jumps into the pool, cowering there.
  • Rerunt eventually calms down and they head back down the ladder and try to pass through the room.
  • 5 Cloakers descend from the ceiling, whipping it’s tail out at Corimla.
  • Rerunt runs past the Cloakers, heading to the lower floor.
  • Cormila acrobatically jumps from the cliff, managing to break her fall a bit.
  • Damodred heads back up the top of the plateua, away from the creatures.
  • The Cloakers move to the edge of the cliff, eyeing the party members below.
  • Chubarkaba, Corimla and Rerunt heal themselves down on the ground.
  • Damodred struggles with hook and rope, trying to get down other side of the plateua.
  • Damodred manages to climb down a bit, but then falls to a ledge on the other side, landing on his back.
  • Damodred raises his head to see two skeletal wolves in front of him.
  • Damodred escape the wolves to the entrance below, showing up behind the party and surprising them.


  • Everybody but Damodred got killed by Orcs.


Players are playing “temporary PCs” in the hopes of finishing the adventure and resurrecting their fallen PCs.

  • Damodred’s Dimensional Door malfunctions and he finds himself standing in a cave
  • Damodred explore’s area and eventually discovers he has teleported into the bowels of Xul-Jarak
  • Damodred finds noble scions
  • Damodred sneaks up on a female orc shaman and is able to kill her
  • Scions retrieve weapons from bins near a forge
  • Scions fights remaining orcs in the lowest floor, as well as an old basilisk
  • Scions find their equipment


  • Scions fight their way out of the citadel level by level
  • Scions escape from citadel with Damodred


Forum RP

After escaping from the Orc citadel, you are able to travel a safe distance away from it under the cover of the thick Thar fog. You head south for several hours, eventually running into a half-orc. Damodred is familiar with this half-orc – Haravak, the ranger and his wolf companion. He shares a meal with you and, upon Oreal sharing the news about the Citadel, offers to help guide you back to Melvaunt.

After several days of travel you finally reach the gates of Melvaunt, your skin burned from the last few sunny days of travel. Haravak wishes you luck and heads back out into the Thar. Oreal approaches the guards at the gates, exchanges a few words and some coin, then waves the rest of you in.

“We should head straight to my father and inform him of the Orc citadel and their plans.”

You head to the Nanther estate where you are greeted with much excitement. “Where have you been,” ask Oreal’s father. “You look like hell! I sent out a group of adventurers to look for you and…” He pauses noticiing Damodred and Corimla amongst you , uncertain wether the woman is Corimla or Loremva.

Sir Argens Bruil pipes up at once: “We must bring Tyr’s Justice to these savages for they plan some crusade into civilized lands and perhaps even raising an ancient King of their’s some Kursk One-Tusk the merciless or some such. We have maps and information and must return in strength – there are 200 or more of these Barabarians to be dealt with!”

Laremva says, “A group of adventurers? Damodred helped us escape, for which we are very grateful. As to the orcs, now that we know their plans, surely the safer course would be to prepare the city’s defenses and wait for them to attack, so that we can fight on our own terms, rather than sending troops on a long march to attack them in their citadel where they will have the defensive advantage. Our cavalry could harass the orcs on their march, and drive them into some gorge or such place where our archers can attack from ambush.”

Lord Nanther casts a quizzical look at her. She pauses and blushes. “Excuse me, Lord Nanther, if I spoke out of turn. My mother was a military officer, and she often played games with toy soldiers with my sisters and me when we were children, using the games to teach us strategy and tactics.”

“Yes, a group of adventurers, one of which was your sister! Did nobody tell you this?” He looks at Damodred with a puzzled look on his face.

Lord Nanther paces for a bit, mulling over the replies from Argens and Laremva. Suddenly a number of questions come to mind. “Why were the Orcs keeping you in their citadel? What exactly were they planning to do with you? Why didn’t they just kill you when the captured you?”

“There was some kind of wierd ritual they were planning with a female orc shamman who was keeping us captive – possibly connected with this tomb we found or that platform outside our cell?” Argens looks at his companions…..

Tamarath: “I think that the map we found at the bottom of the sarcophagus is important as well. It was very well hidden and defended. The original orc builders of that fortress did not want anyone to find it. If we were to cross reference the rubbings we took with some maps of the region… Oghma would not have gifted us with that knowledge without it being useful to us.”

Argens: “Yes, that was in the tomb of Kursk One Tusk the Merciless. I think we were planned as some kind of sacrifice Lord Nanther – possibly in connection with reviving this long dead leader? I say this because there was no body in the sarcophogus, just that map which we took a rubbing of, though I must admit no real knowledge of such necromantic blasphemies!”

Damodred clears his throat: “More to point Lord Nanther; I believe I have fulfilled the terms of our agreement, have I not?”

Lord Nanther looks at Damodred incredulously. “Yes. Yes, it has. You are free to go, if that is your only concern at the moment.”

He turns to the others. “We need to know where this citadel is. Come up with the best map you can provide. We need to let the Lord of Keys know about this potential attack. Perhaps he can round up some scouts to investigate this citadel further. I’ll also need to call a meeting of the Council of Lords. Draw me up that map and, all of you, get some rest.”

Laremva frowns. “Damodred, a moment, if you please—my sister was with you? Which one? Where is she?”

Damodred turns to Laremva: “Charming lady by the name of Corimla. <grins> Alas she and my other companions did not survive our initial attempt to rescue you – a shame really. I would guess that her remains, if any, are still at the citadel.”

After almost a week of no news, Lord Nanther request the presence of Laremva and Damodred at the Nanther estate.

Laremva curtsies. “Yes, my lord?”

Damodred: “I was summoned Lord Nanther” <bows>

Lord Nanther greets you, accompanied by a tall blonde and blue eyed man. “This is Tamarath,” he says as he gesture towards the man. “I sent him and a small number of men to check out the citadel you described – to confirm the location, study their defenses and determine their strength and numbers. While they were unable to penetrate the keep, they did discover the bodies of your sister and large… friend outside, pile among a number of orcs. They were able to bring their bodies back, but time and nature were not kind to them. I’ve talked to the parents of the other psions and most of them have agreed to put forth the money and resources to resurrect your friends. The ceremony will be tonight at the Temple of Gond. I hope you can attend?”

He pauses for a moment and adds, “Oh, and you can thank Tamarath in your own way for going beyond the call of duty and bringing you friend’s bodies back.”

Damodred: ” ‘Friends’ is a strong term Lord Nanther…acquaintances with a common goal would be more appropriate. Nonetheless, I appreciate what you’ve done Tamarath. I would’ve done the dirty deed myself had circumstances allowed. Saved me a trip i suppose <smirks>.

<turns> I shall see you this evening M’Lord, if you have no other business to discuss at the moment, I beg my leave <bows>.

Meanwhile, elsewhere…

Chabarkaba awakens with a scream, his hands clasped above his head, then swinging down in the motion of a sword attack… only to realize there is no sword in his hand. He opens his eyes to find himself in pitch darkness. A tornado of sound spins through his head, swirling and echoing, and finally culminating in the sound a single, sweet human woman’s voice softly and tauntingly calling his name, “Chabarkaba? Chaaa-BARRR-kabaaaa….”

“Me Chabarkaba? Me Chabarkaba! Chabarkaba blind!!?? Chabarkaba HUNGRY!!!”

As Chabarkaba is looking around a small, round, bright white light appears in the distance. The light slowly grows and soon the silhouette of a woman can be seen in the center of it. She is waving wide and slow, the voice coming from her. “Chabarkaba, my sweet little boy… Chabarkaba!”


As the realization comes to mind another shadow starts to grow behind the woman – a much larger and muscular silhouette, slightly darker, this one holding a weapon. The woman seems oblivious to the approaching shape.


Chabarkaba struggles to rise….the Gods have given him a second chance to protect his mother, to save her from his murderous father and he strains toward her to ward off the blow he knows is coming.

Chabarkaba rises to his feet and begins to run. As he starts to run, something feels wrong… unbalanced… missing… As he moves forward he looks down to his bare feet only to discover all his toes are missing. Unable to maintain balance, he crashes to the floor as the larger silhouette overtakes that of his mother. He sweet, calming voice is now replaced by the deep, haunting laughter of his father. In Ogre he speaks, “Chabarkaba? Stupid little OGRE!”

The blackness starts to fade into grey, the tornado of whispers and screaming returning to his mind, spinning in reverse. The grey turns to a bright white light and Chabarkaba awakens from death!

Corimla and Chabarkaba awake from their temporary slumber and find themselves laying down in a temple. A tall, robed man is standing near them looking exhausted. Beyond him they can see Lord Nanther, Loremva, Damodred and a number of younger adult humans (Tamarath, Oreal, Argens, Elaint and Kara – for those who have met them)

“Welcome back,” says the robed man.

He steps away and is replaced my Lord Nanther. “Myself and the other houses thank you for sacrifice and have repaid you by… financing your return to the living. Take this time to rest and re-unite with your friends, but your presence is request tomorrow morning at the Nanther estate.”

Chabarkaba looks around confused before finally focussing on Damodred. “Sneaky Black man – what has happened?”

Damodred: “First of all, the color is charcoal not black; but I digress. Do you remember traveling north into the Thar, to rescue the young humans from the orcs?” “If so, you know how we came across the orc encampent at the ruined citadel. Your rage fuled your battle prowess but it was not enough to succeed. You, Corimla, and Rerunt fell in battle. I had to escape and rescue the scions myself”

“Lord Nanther here has arranged to bring your soul back from the afterlife” <mutters><bows> Gentilemen, Ladies, Charbarkaba <nods>


  • Party meets for drinks with Oreal Nanther
  • While at the tavern they overhear a bard singing about Vorbyx’s and Vorbyx’s Watchtower
  • Bard is Jon-Tom (James)
  • Party follows map at Vorbyx’s Watchtower to try and find resting place of Vorbyx
  • They find some kind of chamber hidden in the hills of the Thar
  • The entrance has a fountain with 4 colored dragon heads and 2 doorways that are magically protected
  • After several failed attempts, which includes fighting a summoned dire ape, the party determines the correct dragon head to use and discover a secret passageway
  • Secret passageway is behind a mosaic depicting a mountainside with two elevated caves.
  • Chamber beyond the secret door is filled with statues of various creatures. Chabarkaba destroys the ogre statue
  • At the end of the chamber are a set of steps leading down into an area of darkness
  • Party finds a coffin within the area
  • They attempt to open it and out springs a skeletal troll but they are able to destroy it.
  • Back wall of tomb has a painting showing war of good and evil creatures. Also shows silhouette of a humanoid holding a hammer.


  • Headed back to Melvaunt and reported to Lord Nanther
  • Learned about an Ogre output further north located in a mountainside with two caves
  • Headed up to Vorbyx’s Watchtower with Melvaunt Militia
  • Party continued on to find Ogre caves
  • Party arrives at stronghold guarded by Ogres and Orcs
  • Jon-Tom is able to convinve the ogres to let them in
  • Party meets their leader Dagryg
  • Jon-Tom offers to write a song about Dagryg and the legend of Vorbyx
  • Dagryg shows party a seal which they are unable to open. People from all over come and try to open it up
  • Party figures out how to open seal (with jade obelish), kills guards by seal, enters into a passage and closes the seal behind them
  • They arrived in a chamber with a stone cylinder in the middle and several passageways leading to other chambers
  • They head into a chamber with 3 increasingly higher levels. They traverse the levels but end up springing magical traps, while trying to retrieve a hammer head at the top level, which summon a giant scorpion, flesh golem and a chaos beast
  • Party is able to defeat all beasts


  • Party continues exploring various chambers
  • In a cave full of gems they fight a Gibbering Mouther who’s constant babbling makes Chabarkaba a little crazy
  • In a room with a pool of water they fight a Djinni
  • At the bottom of the pool they find the pole for the hammer
  • In yet another chamber they fight an Invisible Stalker and eventually discover the invisible bands that secure the hammer head to the pole
  • Found a passage with a magical colored barrier
  • They put the hammer together and activated the pedestal, which opened up blocked passages
  • Discovered how to use the Cave of Gems
    • Chabarkabah
    • Tamarath
    • Jon-Tom
  • Stepped though portal at end of blocked passages


  • Party found themselves in some kind of cave or dungeon covered in spider webs
  • They discover, fight and defeat a huge spider
  • They find the exit of the cave which leads to an area covered with spider webs, egg sacks and a captured humanoid in a web cocoon
  • Tamarath tries to release the humanoid but the branch it is on breaks and he falls into a web below it
  • Party is attacked by an Ettercap and a number of spiders
  • Party heads north and heads east, eventually coming across a group of Red Plume soldiers at some kind of burial ground/memorial
  • Skeletons start rising from the burial ground, joining together and eventually becoming a huge skeleton
  • Party and guards run away towards Hilsfar
  • Party discusses how to get into Hilsfar which they’ve learned is unfriendly to non-humans


  • The party attempts to get Chabarkaba into the city by claiming he is a prisoner of the Thayan enclave
  • The party fails to convince the guard of their story
  • The guards take Chabarkaba and bring him to the prison
  • Other guards escort the party to the Thayan enclave to check on their story
  • Chabarkaba is led by guards through a series of passages with the sound of a loud crowd growing closer
  • Chabarkaba is brought out into an arena and the gate on the other of the arena starts opening slowly, showing two beastly legs as it does…


  • Chabarkaba steps out into arena and is challenged by a minotaur
  • Chabarkaba sits down and refuses to fight
  • Minotaur attempts to get crowd and Chabarkaba riled up
  • Rest of party is in stands with Tola Vrass
  • Minotaur bangs on arena gates to let more creatures in, hoping to get Chabarkaba fighting
  • Centaur and Owl Bear enter arena
  • Chabarkaba tries to climb out of arena but guards prevent him, but not without Chabarkaba dragging one of the guards back into the arena with him
  • Chabarkaba and centaur eventually defeat minotaur and owl bear
  • Tola Vrass is able to get Maalthiir to release Chabarkaba as a personal favor
  • Tola Vrass asks party to retrieve the belongings of one of her wizards from a ruined city underwater
  • Tola sends the wizard Zullar to accompany party on trip
  • Headed out to Bell in the Depths by boat
  • Attacked by Sahuagin and a large water elemental during the trip


  • Retrieved belongings of Thayan wizard for Tola Vrass from Bell in the Depths
  • Fought “sea drow” – aquatic elves
  • Brought belongings to Tola Vrass
  • Left city on boat to Phlan
  • Traveled from Phlan to Melvaunt
  • Returned and reported to Lord Nanther
  • Chabarkaba looked into jade obelisk and sword medallion


  • The party is invited to dinner at the Leiyraghon mansion by Lord Dornig as a thank you for rescuing his son Kalman.
  • During the dinner Lord Dornig’s eldest son, Bremen excuses himself from the room to go retrieve a “surprise” for the party.
  • He exist and immediately all the doors in the dining room are slammed shut. A number of hooded archers spill out onto the balcony above the dining area. 2 other orcs and an orog step out.
  • The orog announces his intentions to kill the party and Lord Dornig.
  • The archers let loose a volley of arrows at Lord Dornig, sending him to the ground bleeding.
  • Chabarkaba runs and jumps, pulling himself up and over the balcony banister to deal with the orcs above
  • Kalman Leiyraghon heads under the dining room table, pulling his father under as well.
  • More to come…

Old Campaign Log

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